Flashed 19s Produced for Flashed Climbing
Flashed was the official sponsor of all the crash mats at the USAC. They wanted everyone to know about it in the span of 15 seconds, and I wanted an opportunity to play with RAW video. Jelisa Dunbar’s smile as she nails the sequence on the last take was so genuine it was worth the 4 second extension.
Regan Kennedy: Vigor Produced for Outdoor Research.
OR Athlete Ambassador Regan Kennedy started climbing in her twenties, her ideas about life and success shifted dramatically. Instead of focusing on career, she chose the difficult, but as it turns out, attainable balance between work and climbing. Here’s Regan talking about her lifestyle choices and her recent project, ‘Ojas’ (5.14/8b+).
Ines Papert: Reflection Produced and Directed by AliasCinema for Black Diamond Equipment.
After years of dominating the competition circuit, Ines Papert now dedicates her time to exploring new locations and putting up first ascents of cutting-edge ice and mixed climbs all over the world. This project was directed by Alex Lavigne.

My participation in the film, camera operator.
Rjukan: The Power of Water Produced and Directed by AliasCinema for Black Diamond Equipment.
Tucked deep in a valley in the heart of Telemark, the town of Rjukan has a history tied up in the waterfalls that tumble from its cliffs. Once, it was the promise of progress that drew industry, in the form of hydropower. Today, it’s still the water that draws people to Rjukan but for a new reason: to climb the frozen waterfalls that wreathe the valley through the long Norwegian winter. This project was directed by Alex Lavigne.

My participation in the film, camera operator.
Mountain Craft Produced by Arc'Teryx and Directed by Angela Percival
Taking on all the challenges of mountain environments and managing them so that clients have the best possible experience is the craft behind a lifelong guiding career. Guides Marc Piché and Andy Perkins share their thoughts on expectations and maintaining an acceptable level of personal risk, while still having fun. This project was directed by uber-driven Angela Percival, who always pushed for the awesome light.

My participation in the film, camera operator for the Canadian segments.
K6 West
On the night of June 22, 2013 a terrorist group attacked base camp on Nanga Parbat. Climbers across Pakistan reeled from the news and re-evaluated their plans to continue on or go home. Slawinski, Welsted and would-be teammate Jesse Huey were two hours into a 26-hour drive up the Karakoram Highway to Skardu and K6 West when they heard news of the attack. The trio returned to Islamabad to discuss their options. From there, Slawinski and Welsted took a plane to Skardu to continue on to the climb while Huey returned home. Undeterred once they arrived at basecamp, Slawinski and Welsted continued with the difficult task ahead – navigation through a complex icefall, uncomfortable bivouacs and technical rock and ice climbing above 6000 metres were all in the cards. After a successful first ascent, Slawinski encouraged visitors to the Karakoram "to look beyond the negative news headlines, and not to paint all Pakistan and all Pakistanis with the same brush."
Raphael Slawinski - Surpassing Produced and Directed by AliasCinema
Follow Arc'athlete and Physics Professor Raphael Slawinski up a new mixed route in the Ya Ha Tinda Range, Canadian Rockies as he shares his perspective on personal achievement in the mountains and his commitment to improvement. As he puts it: "Surpassing today, where I was yesterday".
“It’s not just ice climbing, it’s like ice climbing in a serac zone, you’ve gotta be really heads up all the time.”   -  Will Gadd

A few years after Will Gadd discovers the spray cave hidden behind Helmcken Falls, British adventure junky, Tim Emmett, and Slovenian strongman Klemen Premrl, set their sights on Will Mayo and Chris Geisler’s boldest creation. They called it Wolverine and gave it a WI grade of 11, the hardest ice climb thus far on the planet.

This documentary style short film follows the elite climbers as they fight their way through a ceiling of ice in a location which overloads the senses.

“…that pitch today is the hardest thing I’ve ever done on ice axes.”   -  Tim Emmett.
Bishop 2011
Bishop CA. attracts climbers from around the world. This short features Geoff Mintenko and Dan Eagle from Calgary, and Jesse Marr from Winnipeg, sending some of the Bishop classics below V8.
Second go at The Peach
“...after an easy day, I’m left wanting. It’s just not enough.”  -  R. Slawinski

Two weeks earlier, Raphael Slawinski and Grant Meekins get the first ascent of a ridiculously loose, overhanging, bolt free, line.  They called it The Peach (WI5 M8).  The route has Slawinski so excited, he wants a record of it.  So in late March, with Jerome Yerly, they head up Storm Creek, British Columbia, to climb The Peach for a second time.  This time with shooter Wiktor Skupinski in tow ... literally.  This documentary style short film is a glimpse not only into Raph’s gear room, but at his attitude towards climbing in the Canadian Rockies.

“The difference between being there and slipping off is a fraction of a second.”  -  R.S.
The Spirit of Sport Produced and Directed by Hidden Story
In an age where success is often measured by fame and fortune alone, the purpose of sport is lost in the economic drive to commercialize all aspects of life. This documentary short seeks to draw out the possibilities of what sport can teach people through the eyes of local amateur athletes. This project was produced by Artist-in-resident Chris Hsiung with Sport Calgary and Calgary 2012.

My participation in the film, camera operator for the climbing and white water kayaking segments ... of course.